Best Onahole Masturbator 2023

Toysheart R-20 Puni Japanese Masturbator Onahole Review

Toysheart R-20 Puni

This really is the best feeling masturbator I have ever used, its incredibly textured and feels excellent. My one gripe is that this isn’t simple to flip inside out, also it seems as though that could break easily. I recommend this however.

Regardless of being a younger sibling at the R-20 and also to be tagged Puni of things, there’s a really good reason it’s a staple. It’s quite soft, stretchy and it is also firm with exceptional structural integrity. If you are slightly above average (5-6in), then this should be totally okay. It also cleans up really readily.

I have to say good for this item and also the vendor. The thing feels great and you understand really….Amazing. Shipped from Japan into a little town in Canada only in two weeks.

I believe that it’s assumed to be an rectum but comes across more as merely a pit. Virtually painful. The most disappointing of the three which I have tried up to now. This is great for a guy who’s smaller. It is a tight rubber gap. Fantastic for approximately 4-5″. However, for a bigger 6-8″, you are going to push . It is not realistic. Nothing like a girl. Along with the feeling wasn’t pleasant for me . Temptation witch visually seems somewhat cartoony on the exterior but the atmosphere is wonderful. So much space to sink . I have also tried the sensual slut (anus) that is slightly larger than the R-20 puni. Lusty slut includes a rubber ring to get a realistic sense but it is not overly tight.